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Global Oneness Day 2015 october 24

A whole new leadership paradigm is emerging based on Divine Oneness and key world leaders are paving the way. Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhury at the United Nations, Ervin Laszlo who leads the Club of Budapest, and Jean Houston Ph.D., one of the principal founders of the Human Potential Movement, are gathering with moderator Rev. Dr. Kenn Gordon, leader of the Centers for Spiritual Living, to talk about the new vision and new forms of organization that are emerging based on our Oneness with the Divine, each other and all of life.


16 hallmarks of Consciousness - Global Woman Article 2015

Prof Dr Ervin Laszlo

The Lived Consciousness of Oneness: The New Paradigm

Original article: 

We are approaching a critical tipping point of human life on this planet. Our future is at stake: the destiny of the biosphere’s grand experiment with a species capable of consciousness. Such a species not only experiences the world, it also experiences itself in the world. And it can make a fateful mistake: it can conceive of itself as separate from the world.

This mistake puts the entire experiment with a conscious species at risk. It puts at risk not only the species that embodies the experiment, but the whole web of life in which the experiment takes place.

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Club Of Budapest Basque Country

The Basque Club of Budapest is based on values and ethics of the Basque and the willingness of an apolitical unity message.

Among these values:

  • The sense of family and belonging to a family
  • The sense of community identity
  • Adaptability and the spirit of "peaceful explorers" were that Basque fishermen, whalers & first discoverers of Quebec and the Americas
  • The global culture with strong and deep roots inked to EarthEthics under the motto "Hitza Hitz ..." ("one word ...") leading to a renewal of the sacred sense of honor and the given word
  • As a people of shepherds and fishermen: the meaning of the transmission of a culture with its own language and so, concern and willingness to preserve and pass on a legacy
  • Assume and respect its identity and fact, respect differences. On the occasion of the International Symposium of Biarritz 2013, Prof. Laszlo has met its instigator & organizer: Beatrice Bonin; he has taken a liking to her and her disabled daughter Julie and her admiring capacity to transmit humanitarian messages.



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International Symposium 2015 - New Consciousness, New Humanity

Important news from the Club of Budapest Basque Country

Dear Members of the CoB, all around the world,

As we told you in April, we would be very happy and honored if you accept to participate at the 5th International Symposium. It will be partner with the International Club of Budapest, under the patronage of Prof Ervin Laszlo, who will debate about  «New Consciousness, New Humanity», with Roger Nelson, Stephan Schwartz, Pim Van Lommel, Don Ernesto Ortiz and more than 20 others amazing lecturers.

Private Committees “Only for lecturers and members of the International Clubs of Budapest” are organized to propose pragmatic solutions for new consciousness and a new humanity around 3 themes:

- Socio-economy, social policy and management
- Medicines, sciences and spirituality
- Spirituality and Being

Each Committee will summarize their works (2/3 hours of works per committee) during the Sunday evening debate. All these reports will be broadcast as a “Manifesto” on the Internet, to inform and serve humanity, for the best being of the largest. This international event is an opportunity to promote the International Clubs of Budapest and to work on the way, which was decided during last meeting in Budapest at the 21th anniversary of the COB.

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Milano Expo 2015


CARING FOR PEOPLE AND THE PLANET - Exploring the New Horizons of a Humane and Sustainable World

Saturday, the 6th of June 2015.

The Pavilion of Hungary

Milano, Italy

Click here, to learn more about the Hungarian Pavilion of the 2015 Milano Expo.


Click on the link below to learn more about the World Thought Leaders Forum! 

The World Thought Leaders Forum - Caring For People and the Planet - MILAN EXPO 2015


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Download this file (Program WTLF 6 June_28May2015.pdf)Milan Expo 2015 - Program 6th June[Milan Expo 2015 - Program 6th June]126 kB