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One Earth Choir event on the 21st February, 2016.

Join in One Earth Choir tomorrow. 3.5 Million people singing together around the world for peace. A global creative gesture for Peace - initiative from the Club Of Budapest Switzerland, organized by Anna Bacchia.

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The Paris Attacks: A Statement



Drafted by Ervin Laszlo and Barbara Marx Hubbard

An eye for an eye ends up making the whole world blind.

                            Mahatma Gandhi

There is a well-known saying in France that the French people and all people on this conflict-ridden planet would do well to take to heart. Tout comprendre c’est tout pardonner. To understand all is to forgive all. To understand is to forgive.

Can one forgive the killing of hundreds of innocent people? There is an emotional, gut-reaction that says no, this is unforgivable. Yet there is another answer that tells us that if we understand why these murderous events take place we can also forgive them. To forgive is not to give in, nor to forget, but to learn how to overcome and ultimately eliminate them.

Can we understand why the Paris attacks took place; understand them not as solely economic, political and religious conflicts but as a consequence of the nature of our shared existence in the contemporary world? Let us attempt a deeper understanding. Let us see ourselves as members of one family - the Human Family. There are no “others” in this family, just ”us.” Consider, then, the situation facing this family today. We are a species on the brink of self-initiated self-destruction and perhaps extinction, killing each other for achieving goals that do not change the course on which we find ourselves. We are on course to collide with a giant Iceberg while we fight for a privileged position on what may be the deck of the Titanic.

We can call Earth a spaceship named Titanic, and the Iceberg ahead Climate Change. Ifour vessel does not change course, the collision ahead will make it impossible for all 7.4 billion of us to survive. Can just some of us survive and not all? Would we not unleash the kind of conflict and violence of which today’s attacks are a tragic but limited foretaste? How many millions, or billions, would have to disappear from the face of the Earth for the rest of us to live? And would there be a “rest of us” altogether? We could destroy the conditions for all higher forms of life on Earth, and if the planet heats up and becomes arid like a desert— as Mars is today—the chances of existence would be foreclosed for all higher forms of life.

We can also call the Iceberg ahead Global Breakdown. We have serious and rapidly growing existential problems facing us in addition to the threat of an unfavorably and perhaps catastrophically altered climate. A few of us have great wealth and power, while most of us are abjectly poor and powerless. The less privileged among us are increasingly frustrated and some invoke a higher mission to justify a violent struggle for a better life, or just bare existence.

However, violent conflict and murderous acts are a misguided, unproductive, and wrong response to today’s problems. This should be clear, but it should also be clear that the response to to today’s problems cannot be more of the same. What would it do for us if we took revenge and respond to terror with terror, violence with violence, as some of our political and military leaders want to do? Would we not just hasten the encounter of our planetary spaceship with the double Iceberg ahead?

Today's world is still dominated by wars and armed conflicts. The combined direct military expenditures of the world's nation-states totaled over $1.776 Trillion dollars in 2014, and the ongoing wars and massive loss of life in the Middle East have generated the movement spearheaded by ISIS as well as the Syrian Refugee crisis that now engulfs Europe and spreads to other continents.

The response of the big powers with more attacks, war and violence will not either reduce or end these threats. Quite the contrary. It will only exacerbate the growing cycle of violence and expand the theater of conflict to cities and countries worldwide.

Forgiveness is a better response. It does not mean staying with the status quo, nor failing to act to change it. It is to act like a presumably intelligent species would act in an interdependent and seriously endangered planet: with empathy and insight, shared vision and common resolve. We shall either hang together with understanding and solidarity, or will hang separately with our rancor and revenge.

Conflicts are continually erupting in today’s world: we keep fighting among ourselves. Some of our conflicts engender major violence, and the consequences spread across the face of the Earth. Others enter into the conflicts, intending to help some factions to overpower the others. Those who are threatened by these interventions do everything they can to stop them. They are do not hesitate to use all the means at their disposal to achieve this goal, including misguided but still effective fanaticism. Yet these people are not the devil, nor are they pure evil. They are desperate members of the human family whose sense of family has been overwhelmed by their abject condition. In regard to losing their sense of family they are not different from those of us who come into the fight brandishing arms and wielding their powers of destruction.

Continuing to help some of us against some others among us only exacerbates the conflicts and spreads the fighting. This deflects our attention from recognizing that the fight we are engaged in is on the deck of the Titanic—and that there is a double Iceberg ahead.

What are we to do? If we choose revenge as the way to proceed, future archeologists visiting from another planet will discover that there was once a civilization on Earth, but it disappeared when the inhabitants made the planet inhospitable to life. They will not know whether the inhabitants had recognized the problem and tried to change course while they could. We, the inhabitants of this planet, must wake up and steer another course. Communication based on understanding, instead of eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth is the indicated course. We need to try it, before our problems overwhelm us.

Paris has become the venue for a “nearly” (even if sadly not entirely) unprecedented act of violence. It will soon be the venue for another, and this time entirely unprecedented event: the attempt of the leaders of the world to come together to keep humanity alive and flourishing on the planet: the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP21, to take place in Paris from November 30 to December 11.

Let us remember Paris as the place where the resolve was born to maintain life and civilization on Earth, and not where that resolve was dissipated before it could even be born.

The first of Two Statements on the Responsible Response to the Paris Attacks and the course to take. 

16 hallmarks of Consciousness - Global Woman Article 2015

Prof Dr Ervin Laszlo

The Lived Consciousness of Oneness: The New Paradigm

Original article: 

We are approaching a critical tipping point of human life on this planet. Our future is at stake: the destiny of the biosphere’s grand experiment with a species capable of consciousness. Such a species not only experiences the world, it also experiences itself in the world. And it can make a fateful mistake: it can conceive of itself as separate from the world.

This mistake puts the entire experiment with a conscious species at risk. It puts at risk not only the species that embodies the experiment, but the whole web of life in which the experiment takes place.

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Global Oneness Day 2015 october 24

A whole new leadership paradigm is emerging based on Divine Oneness and key world leaders are paving the way. Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhury at the United Nations, Ervin Laszlo who leads the Club of Budapest, and Jean Houston Ph.D., one of the principal founders of the Human Potential Movement, are gathering with moderator Rev. Dr. Kenn Gordon, leader of the Centers for Spiritual Living, to talk about the new vision and new forms of organization that are emerging based on our Oneness with the Divine, each other and all of life.


International Symposium 2015 - New Consciousness, New Humanity

Important news from the Club of Budapest Basque Country

Dear Members of the CoB, all around the world,

As we told you in April, we would be very happy and honored if you accept to participate at the 5th International Symposium. It will be partner with the International Club of Budapest, under the patronage of Prof Ervin Laszlo, who will debate about  «New Consciousness, New Humanity», with Roger Nelson, Stephan Schwartz, Pim Van Lommel, Don Ernesto Ortiz and more than 20 others amazing lecturers.

Private Committees “Only for lecturers and members of the International Clubs of Budapest” are organized to propose pragmatic solutions for new consciousness and a new humanity around 3 themes:

- Socio-economy, social policy and management
- Medicines, sciences and spirituality
- Spirituality and Being

Each Committee will summarize their works (2/3 hours of works per committee) during the Sunday evening debate. All these reports will be broadcast as a “Manifesto” on the Internet, to inform and serve humanity, for the best being of the largest. This international event is an opportunity to promote the International Clubs of Budapest and to work on the way, which was decided during last meeting in Budapest at the 21th anniversary of the COB.

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