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The Pathways Project


The Heads and Directors and their colleagues of the International Network of The Club of Budapest are hereby cordially invited to attend Pathways to Peace 21-22 September 2016 in Gribskov, Denmark.

In September 2015, 193 heads of states adopted a set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all.  Each goal has specific targets to be achieved over the next 15 years. The question is: How can we work together to make it happen? 


The Club of Budapest Scandinavia will address this challenge in the ongoing Pathways Project. In collaboration with Transition World and The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence we will organize a series of 17 dialogue meetings leading to personal, local and global actions.

The kick off will be focusing on SDG16: “Peace, Justice and Inclusive Institutions” on World Peace Day, 21 September 2016.

Local and international participants, including young change makers from different cultures will meet with prominent global change leaders for two intensive days to connect, share, learn and plan. Together we will explore how active conflict transformation skills combine with inner peace practices, and define which specific elements we will work on to co-create significant breakthroughs. We will use innovative social technologies like Meshworking, Wheel of Co-Creation, Theory U and Art of Hosting in the process.

Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard, a celebrated figure in the history of humanity’s search for meaning, enjoyed to walk along the coast of North Zealand in Denmark. 

In 2013 Ervin Laszlo visited Kierkegaards favorite place at Gilbjerghoved near Gilleleje, a small fishing village at the Kattegat Sea, which gained world fame because of its heroic involvement in the rescue of the Danish Jews during World War II.

7 months later Ervin Laszlo came back to Gilleleje accompanied by the president of the Goi Peace Foundation Hiro Saionji and his wife Masami Saionji, and at a meeting in Tokyo the following year it was decided that The Goi Peace Foundation and the World Peace Prayer Society would grant a Peace Pole to the village. 

Gribskov Municipality in Denmark have now decided that the Peace Pole will be placed at Søren Kierkegaards favorite place Gilbjerghoved.

In connection with the Mayor’s dedication of the Peace Pole on the 21st of September, the World Peace Prayer society will organize a flag ceremony, symbolizing that 193 heads of states have agreed to implement peace and justice in the world, through their endorsement of the 17 goals.

We will now take this further and translate it into personal, local and global actions. We would be very happy for you to join us.

As a courtesy we can offer all the CoB directors free participation in this event, including all meals. For their colleagues there is a reduced price of 1200 DKK (a reduction of more than 50%), also including all meals.

Transport and accommodation are not included, but we are happy to offer any practical help and advice we can.


"The people of the world have asked us to shine a light on a future of promise and opportunity. Member States have responded with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development... It is an agenda for people, to end poverty in all its forms. An agenda for the planet, our common home. An agenda for shared prosperity, peace and partnership."

— UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon

We hope you will join us in support of this beautiful vision.

Warm regards,

Bente Milton
President, CoB Scandinavia

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A Midsummer Symposium on Consciousness - Club of Budapest UK event


From the 20th to the 22nd of June 2016, a remarkable group of people assembled at Tyringham Hall for the Club of Budapest’s UK launch and a Midsummer Symposium discussing consciousness and how it relates to critical current global events. The timing seemed auspicious, as it was both summer solstice and a full moon. As Ervin Lazlo, Barbara Marx Hubbard and other luminaries assembled on the lawn for a welcoming ceremony, everyone was touched by the remarkable celestial timing.

Over the following days, a series of talks and discussions asked profound questions such as does consciousness exist beyond the brain? For many of the group, it is becoming increasingly apparent that science is moving into alignment with ancient wisdom. It was proposed that there is a universal intelligence in the cosmos manifesting in all forms of existence. This is the ultimate source also of our individual and collective human consciousness.

After a welcome from Anton Bilton, host and co-founder of The Tyringham Initiative, Ervin Laszlo, President of The Club of Budapest, opened proceedings and outlined a vision that has informed the 54 books he has authored or co-authored; that consciousness is infinite in space and time. With this new larger interpretation of consciousness, we are all invited to play our part in creating a framework for reaching a peaceful and cooperative global society thus continuing the grand adventure of life, spirit, and consciousness on Earth. He said “there is a cosmic intelligence that produces information for everything… we have to make sure that we respond to this natural cosmic information”

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What is Consciousness?: Three Sages Look Behind the Veil (A New Paradigm Book)

Please welcome to the world, What is Consciousness?, three powerful explorations of ourselves and our place in the universe – A New Paradigm Book of the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research, Kingsley L. Dennis, Series Editor

In this profound collaboration, three world-renowned thinkers examine our commonly held assumptions about consciousness and reality in three revelatory essays. Together they will change the way we see ourselves and our universe.

What is Consciousness? Conventional thinking tells us it consists of the images, sensations, thoughts, and feelings produced by the brain. When the neurons in the brain stop firing, consciousness ceases to be. But does it?

In this profound book, eminent thinkers and scholars Ervin Laszlo, Jean Houston, and Larry Dossey look behind the veil of our commonly held assumptions about consciousness to examine its true nature in three revelatory essays. Laszlo makes a compelling case that consciousness is a phenomenon that transcends our physical beings. Houston examines consciousness and its place in what she calls the “quantum field of the cosmos.” Dossey offers a trenchant, erudite takedown of the materialist view of the human mind.

What is Consciousness? will change the way you see yourself, your mind, and the universe.

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What is Consciousness?